Bobbin Winder

  • Model No.:Bobbin Winder for Lace
  • Made in:Taiwan
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Bobbin Winder, your CASH machine!

Key Features

we have been in this field of embroidery lace & quilting for more than 30 years.

initially we are a machine maker of bobbin winder and embroidery cutting machines. after yearly experience in this technique and better realization of industrial environment, we began to produce coreless bobbins to supply schiffli embroidery machines, quilting machines or lace machines. until today pai nein company has occupied 95% marketing share in taiwan.

features of our bobbin winder are following:
1. self developed oil content bearing; oil adding can be done after longer period.
2. output speed of productivity is more; less rejects, and easy to control, less personnel and labor cost.
3. easy to install, simple adjustment and easy to learn.
4. same length averagely per each bobbin can be acquired.
5. durable less trouble shooting while, easy to maintain when problem happens.
6. the winding speed can be various when by different yarn.



Main Export Market

Bangladesh ,Brazil ,Egypt ,Hong Kong ,India ,Indonesia ,Japan ,Malaysia ,Pakistan ,Philippines ,Singapore ,Sri Lanka ,Switzerland ,Thailand ,Turkey ,Viet Nam

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