Shock Absorber for Harley and ChopperBrake Pad/Lining Manufacturing PlantInjection molding partsTissue Cassette & Base MoldBrain and Heart MatrixBase MoldAuto Rubber PartsBritish PG Optical Profile GrinderSystem 8025 CCD CameraBrake Pad Machines
Shock Absorber for Harley and Chopper
Brake Pad/Lining Manufacturing Plant
Injection molding parts
Tissue Cassette & Base Mold
Brain and Heart Matrix
Base Mold
Auto Rubber Parts
British PG Optical Profile Grinder
System 8025 CCD Camera
Brake Pad Machines

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CHEMEX is the sole agent of PG Optical Wheel Dresser. Specialize in Injection Molding parts, Motorcycle Mirrors, the Machinery of Brake Pad/Lining, OEM Rubber Parts.

The CHEMEX-NANHUA Hydraulic Machine is widely used with 90% of Brake System manufacturers in Taiwan, and the major manufacturers of China, as well as customers in around the world.

Nowadays, CHEMEX has established the FDA registration as a qualified manufacturer of Pathology and Tissue Processing equipment and being the OEM/ODM manufacturer of many well-known organizations such as Leica, Thermo-Fisher, Sakura, etc.



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