Auto/Motorcycle Rubber Parts

  • Made in:Taiwan
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Rubber Parts


  • Style:O Ring

Key Features

Rubber Expert
Main Products:
Auto and motorcycle rubber parts, electronics
rubber parts, heat-resistant fixtures, biochemical
rubber products, suction pads, O-rings, packing
Viton, INBR, silicon, CR, EPDM, NBR, and other
materials that are resistant to acids & alkalis,
and lead-free gasoline.
*We specialize in designing and making molds in the shortest
possible period of time.
*We can design and make rubber items according to customers'
product needs.

Main Products/Service:Auto and Motorcycle Rubber Parts, Electronics Rubber Parts, Heat-Resistant Fixtures Biochemical Rubber Products, Suction Pads, O-Rings, Packing, Molds

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