Embedding Cassette/Tissue Cassette/Biopsy Cassette

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    Cassette for Tissue Embedding

    Key Features

    Our cassette provides the world’s most efficient and thorough tissue processing system, effectively eliminating under-processed tissue. The design addresses every detail from ease of cover closure to a velvet finished writing surface for ease of marking. It provides the answer to meet today’s modern histotechnology challenges. Experience the Ultimate in processing technology!
    • Pore Size: Minimum can be 0.26mm, eliminating the need for biopsy bags and sponges, depending on Tissue Cassette or Biopsy Cassette.
    • Dimension: Mini Cassette(L28.1mm x W24mm x H4.36mm) to Super Cassette (75 x 52 x 17 mm)
    • Printing: Less than 1% printing error
    • Colors: 11 colors or more
    • Packaging: Taped, Sleeved, Loose
    • Angle: 35 or 45 Degree writing surface
    Type: Hinged, Reverse Hinged, Cover Attached,

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    • Embedding Cassette

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