Lace Cutting Machine

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    Lace Cutting MC Auto & Manual


    • Type:Other

    Key Features


    Dimension: 115 CM x 95 CM x 95 CM
    Net Weight: 140 KGS

    Automatic Lace Cutting Machine, BNEC-7, has been newly established. Being 30 years of manufacture, research and development in the industry, CHEMEX has successfully made this new style of Lace Cutting Machine to be added into her line of machineries. By means of rotary cutter covered by edge feeler, the precise speed adjustment and the narrow bands cutting become a possible while easy job to do.

    Suitable for the Fabrics:
    Almost all kinds of the fabrics, natural or synthetic fabrics; Embroidery Lace, Raschel Lace and Leavers Lace; narrow bands or thick fabrics

    Features of BNEC-7:
    Easy to install, and easy to learn, less trouble shooting and durable Output capacity: Up to 3000 M bands per hour


    Dimension: 120 CM x 55 CM x 83 CM
    Net Weight: 50 KGS


    Simple and easy to operate; durable and long life


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