Mouse/Rate Brain Matrices & Heart Matrices

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    Stainless steel Brain/Heart Matrices

    Key Features

    Made of high quality stainless steel, harder than zinc, aluminum, or acrylic, Chemex Matrices will last longer withstanding repeated cleaning and autoclave sterilizing cycles. They can be cooled and used in experiments involving frozen tissue.
    • Material: SS304
    • Type: Coronal (perpendicular to center line) or Sagittal (parallel to center line)
    • Size for Brain: Mouse (40g~75g), Small Rat (175g~300g), Large Rat(300g~600g)
    • Size for Heart: Rat Heart and Mouse Heart
    • Cutting: 0.5mm or 1mm

    Product Certification

    Payment Details

    • Minimum Order:1 Piece(s)
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